Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So this is how it ends...

The 100 Happy Days Challenge!

I did it, dearies!

Today was my last day doing the challenge. It was great fun, even though some days were tough and I had to squeeze my brains in order to find something worth to post on Instagram... Not to mention those days when I went to bed, got all cozy under my duvet, turned off the lights and closed my eyes just to remember that I hadn't posted a picture of the day! Oh, and what about those days that I had so much to be thankful and happy for, that I spent long minutes deciding what to share...? Yep, those were my favourite kind of days.

It doesn't matter how much I struggled in some days or not, I made it! You can check the full challenge at my Instagram account, as always.

You can also follow me. I wonder what can I post now on Instagram since the challenge is over... Humm... We shall see! ;-)

Hope all is good from your side,


Sunday, April 6, 2014

100 Happy Days - Week #08

Hello everyone!

Here's another weekly update on my challenge. I finally hit the 50th day mark! So now it's hoping that time flies as fast as it has flown in the last 2 months!

Day 50

The translation I did for Ernact is online! It's such a nice feeling of acomplishment and a bit strange to know that there'll be people reading what I translated. Also... #Day50!!! I'm halfway through the#100happydays #challenge!! YAY!

Day 51

 After taking a 3 month break recommended by my gyn, I am back taking the #ContraceptivePilltoday. #BirthControl is not only for preventing pregnancies, but it helps A TON with the #wellbeingof #Women around the world. Birth control helps me with hormonal mood swings, pms, pain during my period, acne and even controlling my libido. It's a matter of #HEALTH and I am so grateful we have birth control #100happydays

Day 52

 #TheBookThief and a cozy bed. I'm just glad to have an early night tonight. #100happydays#Bedtime #Book

Day 53

Ripe mashed avocado + pinch of sugar = Green Deliciousness. This is the type of treat I love for lunch! #100happydays #Instafood #foodstagram#avocado #sugar #lunch #delicious

Day 54

#100happydays #Selfie #Mirror #SelfEsteem#Fightforyourself #TiredOfObsessing#IWorthMyOwnLove #Alone #Strong #KeepWalking#MeFirst #Always

Day 55

 I'm just glad that tonight I can hold my#Quillow while I fall asleep. Done for me by a special friend, both the pillow and quilt fill me with happy memories. Love. #100happydays
(Aww, I am sorry this is not a good picture, it's all blurry, but the quillow is lovely and holds a lot of meaning for me)

Day 56

Lying in the sun room (and getting some actual sun) while watching #TomAndJerry with Jack. No worries, just silliness and giggles. #100happydays

Sunday, March 30, 2014

100 Happy Days - Week #07

Day 43

 Our sign language teacher gave us the score for the Unit 101 exam that we took last December. We already knew we had passed (otherwise we wouldn't be attending Unit 102, doh), but it's good that now we know how well we did. Me: 18!!!! (out of 18!!!) woops woops ;) #100happydays

Day 44

I had never realised the bird nests on the trees until today. The picture might not be good enough, but there's even some birds on the branches, which I thought it was lovely. I imagined those nests surrounded by leaves, I imagine how cozy they must be in summer and my heart swells with happiness#100happydays #Birds #Evening #Silhouete #Trees

Day 45

#Chorizo makes me happy #Instafood#100happydays

Day 46

#Radiolab has a new #Podcast. 'nuff said!#100happydays

Day 47

Watched for the second time#TheSecretLifeOfWalterMitty with a sleeping @ogoicoechea by my side in the couch :D I love the "Major Tom"/Helicopter scene. #100happydays#MajorTom #InspirationalMovies

Day 48

Day of #karaoke with @ogoicoechea !!#100happydays

Day 49

Finnish pancakes or #Panukakku with #Nutellaand #MapleSyrup to finish a lovely weekend with@ogoicoechea! Oh and thanks to her for the awesome pictures she took of my concoctions! Thank you so much for staying at my house and being such a big support for me, darling! I hope we can repeat soon :) #100happydays